BEEKU EXPORTS is one of the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Readymade Textile Garments. The factory was launched at Chennai in the year 1986 .

BEEKU EXPORTS” shall never compromise on quality and delivery schedule. We,at Beeku, believe that “Customer satisfaction alone triumphs ”.

BEEEKU EXPORTS today holds the status of an “ Export House” of the country, manufacturing garments for exports.

BEEKU EXPORTS at present equipped with 350 nos of machines and around 800 persons employed in this unit. About 1.5 lakhs garments are being shipped out on an average per month ..

BEEKU EXPORTS has a wide range of products like Men’s Shirts, Shorts, Trousers, Vests, ladies Blouses, Skirts, Dresses, Night Wear and Children Wear.

BEEKU EXPORTS offer a unique combination of high value cotton mill made, Power-loom and handloom fabrics and trims from the local manufacturers in INDIA and also have the facility to import some of the finer mill made varieties of fabrics and special accessories from the far East and European suppliers.

BEEKU EXPORTS has an excellent garment sampling unit which takes care of all levels required in sampling under a qualified team of designers.

BEEKU EXPORTS maintains AQL standard 2.5 or at the discretion / specification of the customer.

A 4 point grading system is implemented to access the quality of fabrics. Random samples are drawn for testing various characteristics likewise Color Fastness, Yarn Count ,Shrinkage, Tensile Strength etc. These testings are done in S.G.S Lab, Merchandise test laboratory, Intertek as per the specification of the customer.